Get Brochure of your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps

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Key to Success on Social Media: its Optimization in 3 Steps

Today, when a great half of the world is available online, your concern should shift from ‘how to attract them’ to ‘how to keep them engaged’. Reasons could vary from one to another to one more, but the best way is to optimise your social media activities in order to facilitate your audience with some engaging stuff. How can you do that? Just consider these simple aspects before jumping the gun:

  1. No Perfectionism Please: Perfection is the key to success and increased fan following. Agreed! But social media is not the right platform to run more tests and amend thing on regular basis. You may introduce or experiment with new type of content, the next time you post it. Just be fast and smart!



  1. Better to Communicate: People on social media love to connect with brands that treat them like friends-family and simply talk the language of their heart, not the corporate one. So involve this approach in each of your campaign strategy to evoke curiosity among your audience and indulge them in a conversation-like manner.

The pros of using social networks in language learning - Communicate.jpg

  1. Be Unique and Offer Unique: No need to follow what the world is doing. People surfing on social media often get bored seeing repetitive content with slight variations. You need to dig in the trending topic at hand and create something striking around the same.



That’s all regarding your social media optimization, if you want to know more about managing your social media accounts that can get you desired results, log on to

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How Online Public Reviews Can Ruin your Business?

Because your audience have a widespread variety to choose from, they won’t mind switching to another brand over you or showing their dissatisfaction with your product/ services publicly. And their bad experiences influence rest of your audience’s buying decision. That’s how your online reputation is hampered, which you need to manage in order to retain it.


According to a recent public survey:

-Company with higher ratings and reviews would get attention of 86 out of 100 prospects.

-As many as 4 online negative reviews are enough to send 70% prospects back to base 0.

-One or two star reviews on public portal is likely to hamper a majority of your prospects’ decision, resulting in no lead conversion.

-If your brand has only positive reviews on public portal, more than half of your customers would trust your product/services.

To maintain only positive reviews about your brand, you need be active and fair in facilitating your audience with the actual service. And after taking all the measures, even if your online reputation needs some management, make sure you take professional help from the one, who has maintained its online reputation well. Proof enough to rely on it, right?

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Unable to Retain Your Mobile App Users? Get ready to be Doomed!

Today, facilitating your audience with your brand’s mobile app, is not a tough job. Rather, maintaining your user base is. If it’s not done the right way, you are doomed! So after taking professional help from the mobile app development company in India, next thing on your list is certainly making sure that your audience continue seeing your brand’s logo on their smartphone’s home screen.mob

So how are you going to do that? Simple! Follow these steps.

Tempting Offers- Like a well-renowned online food ordering portal, you may offer your audience some discounts from time to time. E


very time they place an order from your app or use it for its primary purpose, give them a slack of certain percent.

Say No To Bombarding Updates-Where useful notifications and timely offers would likely tempt your audience, bombarding them with the same thing daily, may result in your app being uninstalled. So put a line on that.

Smooth Performance, Happy User-Imagine an app taking more-than-required time to open its doors for you. Will you wait more than 5 minutes for it to load and provide you with the requisite info? No, right? That’s how your audience would also behave. So keep the user-experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Other than this, keep updating your app as per the internet guidelines and let your users know about the same.

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Why Everyone is After Video Production to Promote Their Brand?

The content you come across on social media nowadays, majority of it is video. And trust the Cisco research where it’s holding videos responsible for establishing a majority of 80% internet content in future. The moment to go visually active is This!


To cater this modern need without a fail and help brands seize the opportunity on time, many video production companies are booming in the industry. These companies look after your product promotion, brand awareness or any other target you want to achieve. For whatever purpose you want to promote your video, these professionals will help you out.

From MNCs and startups to industry centric companies and entertainment based organisations, everyone is using video content to spread awareness about themselves. Whether it’s promoting their ends or empathising with trending issues, videos are the direct and more interesting approach to reach a number of people on a large scale. And these organisation are using this opportunity to a great extent.

It’s time to realise the importance of this future dominating strategy and start connecting with your audience on primary level, where you get to show them your best side and they get to see it, experience it, and give you their valuable feedback.

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PPC Myth Busting With Ibees | Pay Per Click Services India

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Top 3 Web Development Trends to Lead in 2018

Looking at the speed of changing digital marketing trends, the question is shifting from ‘what is trending’ to ‘what will be trending’. To master it all, you would need help from best web development company. India, on the other hand, is rapidly emerging as a power, where digital world is thriving and scope of the same is bright. So we need to focus on what is coming. Have a look at the possibilities of web development trends.



Chatbox Support– It started 2 years back when chatbox was accepted on larger scale to resolve customer queries, problems and complaints. 2018 will be the year when majority of your audience would prefer an apt online assistance on website.

Static Will Rule– The websites used to be static in the beginning but dynamic took over a few years back. Now, people have less patience to explore every corner, lack time, and want to take no new risk. So static website!

Single Page– Rather than confusing your audience with multiple pages and challenging their product/service navigation skills, it’s better to serve them everything on single page. Future is all about minimalist content and unless you are a product based site or e-commerce, single page is sufficient for your business.

If redesigning or creating your website has been on your mind, go ahead with these popularising trends.

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