Do Content And Technical Audits Still Hold Relevance?

To know about website issues and improvement areas, SEO audits are very important. Though content and technical audits play a major role in SEO, over the years, they have evolved and expanded their horizons. Audits these days consist of a lot many things other than just broken links, status codes and indexation. These now include other aspects like content engagement, navigation, conversion factors, and content gap analysis.

Site audits are quite affordable, and for any seo company in Delhi or other metropolitan city of India, it’s important that they pay much attention to the barriers that consumers face, and resolve them. This is how you can actually extract big opportunities. Prioritizing efforts to fulfill the needs of your customers can gain maximum returns for your clients.

Hygiene Optimization: the hub of content and technical audits

Hygiene Optimization is extracting the content and technical aspects of your site in the best feasible manner. It calls for striving to improve your performance further. Under hygiene optimization, you continually make small improvements with the help of content optimization and technical audits, like:

– Using paid search insight to increase CTR

– Improving the information architecture on the site and conversion journey

– Ensuring the return of correct status codes and indexing all the relevant pages

Strategic Consultancy: the hub of insight

By understanding the consumers and the way they interact with different brands, you can easily get an idea of their requirements and needs at every stage. This will help you to figure out the opportunities that brands have, and ways to utilize those as well. For example:

– The experience of the website leading to a fall-off in purchase path

– Site structure that is not optimally based on SEO practices and user experience

After getting to know the insights, you can focus on the audit part and draft a solution that is consumer-focused.

Thought audits still remain as an important factor in SEO, there has been a major change in their role – pretty much for the brands, as well as their consumers.

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4 Reasons You Should Count On Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are proving to be a great tool for marketers. Hence, if you’re a social media optimization company, you must know the trick well enough to advertise your brands on this platform. Here’s a sneak-peek into the four main reasons why you must count on Instagram Stories.

Good for a cheap start:


On Instagram, the official sponsor ads are indeed expensive, but the promotion rules are comparatively relaxed, hence making it easy for small businesses to advertise using stories and permanent posts. Businesses with very little capital money can conveniently use this platform to start their marketing with almost no budget.

Immersive way of promotion:

The recently introduced full-screen ads on Instagram Stories are a great boon for marketers. Companies can now advertise with photos and videos, which makes Instagram a great marketing platform. The ads on Stories have targeting capabilities, that lets you target your product or service to the audience personally.

Establishes great connection:

Approximately 150 million people use Instagram everyday. Most users are connected to some or the other businesses directly and follow them too. This tells us that if businesses create Instagram stories, it can prove to be a great boon for them. Giving insights about the business, office space, or sharing in-house photos and videos, helps in establishing a connection with the audience.

Connects with millennials:

In comparison to Facebook, Instagram has more number of young audiences. Hence, communication and content that is quirky and intelligent in nature, works well for this platform. Instagram stories would humanize your business in a creative way, to establish a deeper connection with your audience.

Small scale businesses are making big-time name by using Instagram Stories. It’s time for you to start posting yours too!

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4 Google AdWords Mistakes That Companies Make

It’s great if you’re thinking about expanding your business by directing traffic towards your website. A very powerful technique is to convey your message directly to your target audience through paid ads. Google AdWords makes this job easy for you, but are you using it wisely? A number of PPC consultants in India start with using AdWords but fail to generate any returns out of it. Here are some common mistakes that companies make. Let’s have a look.

Targeting broad keywords

If you’re new into advertising industry, you won’t be able to get the desired results if you bid on broad category keywords. Even if you succeed in getting any revenue, it won’t justify your cost. Therefore, it would be beneficial to start with long-tail keywords, and then expand further to broader keywords.

Putting many keywords in one ad-group

Ideally, you would always create a landing page and pay-per-click ad for all the targeted keywords in your list. But as there is lack of time, you must initially start with 5-10 keywords only. This way, unrelated phrases and words will be prevented from using the same landing pages and ads.

Sending traffic to homepage directly

PPC consultantsin India must understand this thing that a landing page that is engaging and appealing to the users’ interest, holds their attention for long. When you direct traffic to your website straightaway, you’re making the user do the extra effort of searching their piece of information. Hence, leading to higher bounce rates. Thus, it’s better to create a custom landing page for your campaign.

Not calculating ROI

If you do not have any mechanism to track conversions of paid clicks into your customers, you’re most probably wasting your money on running an AdWord campaign. Tracking these conversions will help you focus on your campaigns in future.

Now that you know the mistakes you’ve been making, start rectifying them to generate better results.

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Creating Intelligent Content for Your Audiences

Brand, these days, very well know about the intent of the searches that people or their target audiences do. Hence, the next step here onward is to create optimized content for them that ranks high and encourages them to click, thus engaging people to visit the page.


Brands are generally on the lookout for agencies that fit their budget. So, if you’re an affordable SEO company in Delhi, you must know how to create ‘Intelligent Content’. Here’s an insight into how you can create great content.


  1. Create content keeping in mind ‘what and when’ your customers wish to read. That’s how you need to boost your brand.
  2. Keep an account of the kinds of trends and topics that entice your audiences. You need to monitor this to see what people are searching for and then trace the competition that various applicable keywords would have.
  3. After the competition analysis, you must develop a keyword list that tells you the content on which your competitors rank. This would help you understand the topics and create great content ideas for your brand.
  4. You must also look out for trending keywords in your sector. These strategies will help you create a strong and reliable keyword list that develops your content.

Now that you know how to make ‘Intelligent Content’ for your website, assemble the flow together and get started. Keep in mind to make a smart approach to marketers to learn how the content is produced, optimized and measured.

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Why Is Your Business Making Website Fails?

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5 Social Media Trends That Businesses Need In 2017

Business these days are investing in social media strategies and new tools, developing new plans of action and so on, to gain both profits and acknowledgment. But social media comes with constant turnovers, from which you need to future-proof your strategies. It’s very important for a social media agency to look beyond the usual ways of promotion and open their eyes & ears to the latest trends driving the media industry.

Make your reach with money

The old-fashioned method of reaching the users – building an audience base and sharing your business updates with them – won’t work any more. The social media algorithms limit your posts from reaching even your own established audience. This is because people generally have so many things cluttered up in their news feed, leaving a rare chance for your posts to be seen.

This is when you need to put money into promotional ads, posts and updates, which are actually just like real time posts. This can be a smart investment that business can opt to reach their target audience.

Make your employees your army

For those businesses that wish to reach the audiences without spending much, this social media trend in 2017 would be helpful. You can simply ask your own employees to share the company messages and brand posts from their personal social media accounts. Such messages and posts would be more trusted.

Develop social media skills

Almost all the companies and marketing agencies are using social media as the most important tool. But one thing that most companies lack is tapping the full potential of social media. There’s actually lot more to this media industry, about which people need to know and get trained. So, companies must get into developing a coursework for their employees and enhance their social media skills.

Get your CEOs on social media too

Today, almost everybody is using Facebook. But a report from says that around 61% CEOs do not have any social media presence. Social media has become a necessity for businesses as it reflects their ideologies and showcases their work to the people, gaining recognition. Hence, executives must really get serious about getting onto social media.

Customer service and sales on social media

Social media isn’t just a marketing platform; businesses can actually educate people about their products and services – even generate sales. Customer service can also be provided on platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Businesses these days can completely rely on social media, because this platform continues to grow and expand everyday.

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Dos And Don’ts About Universities’ PPC Advertising

If you manage the marketing of a post-secondary college or institute, or are working on behalf of one as a PPC consultant in India, you must be familiar with the challenges that come across while advertising online.

Here’s a useful insight for you to know about the dos and don’ts of PPC advertising, that would help you progress successfully.


Advertise all the year-round
Most colleges and universities prefer to advertise only when application and admission deadlines come closer. But you must advertise year-round because:
– Students can research at any given time of the year
– To keep your branding and marketing in place, you must keep advertising to keep reminding people of your existence.

Bidding on brand

People generally think that SEO would take care of the marketing part, but bidding on brand lets you exercise control on lading pages and target specific locations.

Using sitelinks wisely

When all your specific degrees and programs are clearly defined, it’s good to use their titles on your sitelinks. Titles like open houses, industry in action, internship opportunities, etc. help students find specifically what they are looking at.

Bid on ‘wrong’ terms

Most college and university students have no clue as to what they’re searching for. They might, for once, know the desired area, but not about the type of degree or course. So, here you can use ‘wrong’ keywords and use them to lead the students in the right direction. You just need to use the keywords creatively, and make sure that your ad isn’t misleading.


Putting buildings in display ads

Your college building might be very architecturally appealing and beautiful, but to get better results, you must feature students in your ads.

Leave focus on the landing pages

For a successful PPC campaign, pre-click and post-click ad components, both are equally important. Therefore, landing pages that are poorly designed, won’t work for the educational vertical. A landing page with many call to actions can often confuse the visitor, whereas one call to action is clear, concise and simple.

Running the same campaign

A campaign message that works for the students or people of one area, might not work for some other. Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep your messages specific and distinct.

Building programs for student application submissions

For any PPC consultantin India, it’s quite beneficial to build a campaign focusing the applications. But without any prior conversation or communication, no student would be interested in filling in your application. So, it’s important to first give them the relevant information and engage them.

For a successful PPC campaign next time, keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

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