Trends of Web Development in 2017

Website is like the face of a brand, business, service provider, or whatever suits the mission and vision of that organisation. A number of companies are working towards making each website look exclusive and suitable mediums for conveying the brand’s essence, so finding your desirable Web Development Company is not much of a task.

What all make these companies best in their field, revolves around some exclusive trends that keep occurring every now and then. So this year’s trends are as per follow:

Increased use of AI


Artificial Intelligence is not a mere mechanical behavior that facilitates human life, it’s rather a feature that websites are using wisely, like chatbots, face recognition, autofill and more.

Internet of Things



With increasing scope of technology, the Internet of Things is taking over the world by storm, where a number of gadgets and appliances are connected with each other.

Trending Javascript


Javascript is widely popular programming language that web developers use nowadays. Looking at its usage of convenience it rapidly spread recently in 2017, which includes being handled from client’s browser, server-side, and even mobile applications.

If your website is under construction, make sure to include all these 2017 trending features in it.

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Static Or Dynamic, Which One Will Fulfill Your Website Need

It is globally renowned that a website speaks volumes about a brand. From the quality of its product and services to post sale services. Now coming to a website’s design, other than the web development company, you can also decide whether to proceed with static or dynamic website.

To know which one is better, static or dynamic, you need to have a look at pros and cons of both here, and analyse further:

Why you should have a Static Website-

-flexibility of different layouts, pages and themes.
-quick and pocket-friendly to develop
-hosing it is in budget

Why you should not have a Static Website-
-lower up-front than dynamic website
-not easy to update changes
-never ending costs for upgrading

Why you should have a Dynamic Website-
-easy to upgrade
-information can be gathered in organised way
-allows interface in content management system’s format

Why you should not have a Dynamic Website
-expensive to develop
-hosting costs are equally higher
-way more functional than a static website.

Now you know which one suits your brand, requirement and budget, static and dynamic seems no more confusing now, right? Even if you have any query for that matter, feel free to reach us.

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Dynamic Web Design Trends Ruling in 2017

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8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile App for Your Business?

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5 SEO Mantras to Stay Ahead in Race with Top SEO Company in Delhi

If you plan to boost your visibility on search engines without spending a fortune, Search Engine Optimization is the key to digital success. In layman’s terms, SEO helps you get the attention that you seek. Whether your brand is getting pro treatment from best SEO company in Delhi or you do it on your own, the following mantra will help you stay ahead in race anytime. So pay attention:

Mobile Search-

Because people search a number of things on their mobile device, it’s always a wise decision to optimise your SEO strategies for mobile-friendly searches.

No to Low Quality Content

In recent past, Google penalized many websites for poor content quality and bad link building. It result in pushing the brand rank below and some times, on next page.

Importance of Local SEO

It gives advantage to local businesses because whenever a person searches for local address or local event schedules, this technology comes handy.

Increasing Importance of Email Marketing

Just because it’s an old horse, doesn’t mean it lacks the caliber. Considered one of the promising techniques to turn a lead into an actual customer, is in revival phase.

Optimise Content for Featured Snippet Box

Featured Snippet Box is Google’s search engine tool that scan and analyse any content and provide it to resolve a query. To get featured in it, use bullet points and easily scannable content.

If you think you need a pro, check us out.

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Optimize Your Brand With The Right Smo Tactics

Social media has become synonymous with online visibility, gaining followers to getting more engagement so that the brand gets the right kind of exposure. If you want to give your site the right platform and boost, than creating a multi-channel social profiles always proves to be advantageous as Goggle ranking always stands higher for these Social Media pages.


Content Rules – Content has the power to make or break a brand and definitely paves the path for building a list of loyal followers. The first thing one notice is the profile section and about us page, which needs to portray the real brand image and the content has to be concise and crisp. Moving further, a social media page has to be maintained with not only engaging content but also shareable videos and GIFS which should also cater to audience in a personalized way.

Embedding links – The first and foremost criteria for any SMO services is to increase the scope of online presence of their brands by enabling links to all the possible pages. Links are the crux through which the viewer gets access to the homepage through social pages and where in the actual leads can be generated. Optimize your page in such a way that the links are easily visible or cleverly use them for blog postings so that the visitors can land on the landing page directly.

Regular Postings – To create a brand consistency in India, regular posting in social media pages are imperative. It will not only give the brand the right spotlight, but the audience will also be engaged if the content and designs are attention worthy. Maximize the visibility by staying true to the brand identity, be relevant in the content framework, and make the brand approachable by driving interest with personalized touch.

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Best Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Online Reputation Management Under Control

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