Know The Power Of Hashtag For Your Brand

Using Instagram for your business purposes won’t get you any returns without hashtag. Simply Measured has reported that post engagement is increased by 12.6 percent by using just a single hashtag. Hence, there’s no better way of driving organic traffic than using a hashtag.


#summer and #love are the words that are most popular as hashtags. However, a social media optimization company must know that using such hashtags alone won’t drive engagement or good quality traffic. Reason? These are not specific, and therefore attract random group of people, leaving your target audience behind.

The key to getting maximum engagement is being more specific. Use your brand or campaign specific hashtags along with several frequently used ones to attract engaging audience.

One way you can start is by reviewing the popular companies in your domain and check the hashtags that they use. You can prepare a list and then test those hashtags on your Instagram posts. In this manner, you’ll get to know what works for your brand and what not. The more specific you remain, the better it would be for your brand.

Save yourself from the cumbersome process of typing all the hashtags every single time by creating a post signature for Instagram. You can save it online; so you just have to select and paste it. Though Instagram allows you to use utmost 30 hashtags, it’s advised to keep the number of hashtags limited. Too many hashtags make your communication haphazard and unclear.

Whether you wish to create awareness about your brand or increase the number of your followers, hashtag is the most sought after tool that works incredibly for Instagram.

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6 Tips To Use New Media And Build A Stronger Brand

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3 Website Essentials That a Web Design Agency Must Know

Businesses these days must have an official website that is well-versed with all the essentials updated tools. There are three most important things that a website should have and a web design agency must know. Read on to find out.

Keep it short and sweet

Every brand has one ‘big communication’ that tells their brand message. It could be used to tell the customers about your ideology, products and services, etc. The message is conveyed on your website as well. But the key to effective communication is keeping your message short and simple. The more concise it is, the better it is for people to remember your brand.

Call to action

A ‘Call to Action’ button on the homepage of your website is necessary these days. It compels your customers to take immediate actions like inquiring about a product or service, requesting a quote, making purchases, posting a query, write reviews or testimonials, and many more. ‘Call to Action’ makes your website more interactive, because of which people spend more time on your page and get to know about your brand better.

Integrating social media

List all the social media handles on your website. This makes it easy for people to connect with your brand through social media platforms. Also, put a ‘share’ option along with the handles for your customers to easily share posts that they like.

Check your web page now and see if you have these essentials there.

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7 Steps To Protect Your Reputation Online

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Do Content And Technical Audits Still Hold Relevance?

To know about website issues and improvement areas, SEO audits are very important. Though content and technical audits play a major role in SEO, over the years, they have evolved and expanded their horizons. Audits these days consist of a lot many things other than just broken links, status codes and indexation. These now include other aspects like content engagement, navigation, conversion factors, and content gap analysis.

Site audits are quite affordable, and for any seo company in Delhi or other metropolitan city of India, it’s important that they pay much attention to the barriers that consumers face, and resolve them. This is how you can actually extract big opportunities. Prioritizing efforts to fulfill the needs of your customers can gain maximum returns for your clients.

Hygiene Optimization: the hub of content and technical audits

Hygiene Optimization is extracting the content and technical aspects of your site in the best feasible manner. It calls for striving to improve your performance further. Under hygiene optimization, you continually make small improvements with the help of content optimization and technical audits, like:

– Using paid search insight to increase CTR

– Improving the information architecture on the site and conversion journey

– Ensuring the return of correct status codes and indexing all the relevant pages

Strategic Consultancy: the hub of insight

By understanding the consumers and the way they interact with different brands, you can easily get an idea of their requirements and needs at every stage. This will help you to figure out the opportunities that brands have, and ways to utilize those as well. For example:

– The experience of the website leading to a fall-off in purchase path

– Site structure that is not optimally based on SEO practices and user experience

After getting to know the insights, you can focus on the audit part and draft a solution that is consumer-focused.

Thought audits still remain as an important factor in SEO, there has been a major change in their role – pretty much for the brands, as well as their consumers.

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4 Reasons You Should Count On Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are proving to be a great tool for marketers. Hence, if you’re a social media optimization company, you must know the trick well enough to advertise your brands on this platform. Here’s a sneak-peek into the four main reasons why you must count on Instagram Stories.

Good for a cheap start:


On Instagram, the official sponsor ads are indeed expensive, but the promotion rules are comparatively relaxed, hence making it easy for small businesses to advertise using stories and permanent posts. Businesses with very little capital money can conveniently use this platform to start their marketing with almost no budget.

Immersive way of promotion:

The recently introduced full-screen ads on Instagram Stories are a great boon for marketers. Companies can now advertise with photos and videos, which makes Instagram a great marketing platform. The ads on Stories have targeting capabilities, that lets you target your product or service to the audience personally.

Establishes great connection:

Approximately 150 million people use Instagram everyday. Most users are connected to some or the other businesses directly and follow them too. This tells us that if businesses create Instagram stories, it can prove to be a great boon for them. Giving insights about the business, office space, or sharing in-house photos and videos, helps in establishing a connection with the audience.

Connects with millennials:

In comparison to Facebook, Instagram has more number of young audiences. Hence, communication and content that is quirky and intelligent in nature, works well for this platform. Instagram stories would humanize your business in a creative way, to establish a deeper connection with your audience.

Small scale businesses are making big-time name by using Instagram Stories. It’s time for you to start posting yours too!

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4 Google AdWords Mistakes That Companies Make

It’s great if you’re thinking about expanding your business by directing traffic towards your website. A very powerful technique is to convey your message directly to your target audience through paid ads. Google AdWords makes this job easy for you, but are you using it wisely? A number of PPC consultants in India start with using AdWords but fail to generate any returns out of it. Here are some common mistakes that companies make. Let’s have a look.

Targeting broad keywords

If you’re new into advertising industry, you won’t be able to get the desired results if you bid on broad category keywords. Even if you succeed in getting any revenue, it won’t justify your cost. Therefore, it would be beneficial to start with long-tail keywords, and then expand further to broader keywords.

Putting many keywords in one ad-group

Ideally, you would always create a landing page and pay-per-click ad for all the targeted keywords in your list. But as there is lack of time, you must initially start with 5-10 keywords only. This way, unrelated phrases and words will be prevented from using the same landing pages and ads.

Sending traffic to homepage directly

PPC consultantsin India must understand this thing that a landing page that is engaging and appealing to the users’ interest, holds their attention for long. When you direct traffic to your website straightaway, you’re making the user do the extra effort of searching their piece of information. Hence, leading to higher bounce rates. Thus, it’s better to create a custom landing page for your campaign.

Not calculating ROI

If you do not have any mechanism to track conversions of paid clicks into your customers, you’re most probably wasting your money on running an AdWord campaign. Tracking these conversions will help you focus on your campaigns in future.

Now that you know the mistakes you’ve been making, start rectifying them to generate better results.

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