8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile App for Your Business?

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5 SEO Mantras to Stay Ahead in Race with Top SEO Company in Delhi

If you plan to boost your visibility on search engines without spending a fortune, Search Engine Optimization is the key to digital success. In layman’s terms, SEO helps you get the attention that you seek. Whether your brand is getting pro treatment from best SEO company in Delhi or you do it on your own, the following mantra will help you stay ahead in race anytime. So pay attention:

Mobile Search-

Because people search a number of things on their mobile device, it’s always a wise decision to optimise your SEO strategies for mobile-friendly searches.

No to Low Quality Content

In recent past, Google penalized many websites for poor content quality and bad link building. It result in pushing the brand rank below and some times, on next page.

Importance of Local SEO

It gives advantage to local businesses because whenever a person searches for local address or local event schedules, this technology comes handy.

Increasing Importance of Email Marketing

Just because it’s an old horse, doesn’t mean it lacks the caliber. Considered one of the promising techniques to turn a lead into an actual customer, is in revival phase.

Optimise Content for Featured Snippet Box

Featured Snippet Box is Google’s search engine tool that scan and analyse any content and provide it to resolve a query. To get featured in it, use bullet points and easily scannable content.

If you think you need a pro, check us out.

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Optimize Your Brand With The Right Smo Tactics

Social media has become synonymous with online visibility, gaining followers to getting more engagement so that the brand gets the right kind of exposure. If you want to give your site the right platform and boost, than creating a multi-channel social profiles always proves to be advantageous as Goggle ranking always stands higher for these Social Media pages.


Content Rules – Content has the power to make or break a brand and definitely paves the path for building a list of loyal followers. The first thing one notice is the profile section and about us page, which needs to portray the real brand image and the content has to be concise and crisp. Moving further, a social media page has to be maintained with not only engaging content but also shareable videos and GIFS which should also cater to audience in a personalized way.

Embedding links – The first and foremost criteria for any SMO services is to increase the scope of online presence of their brands by enabling links to all the possible pages. Links are the crux through which the viewer gets access to the homepage through social pages and where in the actual leads can be generated. Optimize your page in such a way that the links are easily visible or cleverly use them for blog postings so that the visitors can land on the landing page directly.

Regular Postings – To create a brand consistency in India, regular posting in social media pages are imperative. It will not only give the brand the right spotlight, but the audience will also be engaged if the content and designs are attention worthy. Maximize the visibility by staying true to the brand identity, be relevant in the content framework, and make the brand approachable by driving interest with personalized touch.

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Best Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Online Reputation Management Under Control

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Dynamic Web Design Trends Ruling in 2017

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How PPC Can Drive Business Success?

PPC is the ultimate leader when it comes to driving quality leads and generating a success campaign. It is undoubtedly the most cost-effective platform to drive engagement through Google Adwords and keywords relevancy. In India, the advertising services incorporate value-addition for a business by carrying out extensive research, analysis, campaign ideation, keyword implementation and ad text to bring out quality leads.


Pay For Only the Clicks – The advantageous solution if you opt for Pay Per Click Services is that you only tend to pay for the clicks generated. A user might have visited the ad, clicked it and ultimately reached the landing page and that’s when the payment is accumulated.

Easy Tracking & Monitoring – Optimizing the ads, keywords as per your needs is very much feasible in Pay Per Click campaign. Moreover you’ll be on a continuous process of identifying the ads, making necessary tweaks in keywords and even measure cost-per click with the help of landing page conversion chart.

Retargeting is Possible – Improving user experience is essential in order to make retargeting marketing a success. If a user has visited a page and have actively spend considerable amount of time without completing any registration or payment process, then remarketing is the best bet. If there is a well thought out display ads are highlighted that are in sync with their interest, then leading to conversion will be just a step away.

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3 Dynamic Web Development Trends of 2017 You Can’t Afford to Miss

If you want your website to make a remarkable presence and gain substantial amount of followers, then investing on a good Web Development Company is essential. With rapidly changing technology, it has become even more crucial for the web developers to keep up with the changing demands and get updated to latest trends. Thus day-to-day we can see a whole lot of transformation that is happening in terms of advanced innovations, website layout, interactive frameworks and seamless navigation filters so that audience engagement is always high. To have a further idea what all new trends are dominating the web space in India, have a look at the following points.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – Designed for fast loading mobile pages, the accelerated mobile pages interface guarantees effortless and efficient navigation. In a fast paced world speed matters and that’s what the AMP thrives to deliver. It is the most clutter-free technology that eliminates pops-ups and scrolling effects, keeping only the relevant context. With such improved user experience AMP is all set to shine in the web development market greatly in 2017.amp-fb-1200x628

Impressive Visual Design – In the visual directory, 2017 is all about going bold and bright on the colour front. Moreover there is an increasing rise in the demand for original and fresh photo instead of stock images. Gone are the days when a single flat and stock image could suffice everything, the more illustrious, transitional and relatable the design is today’s time , the more viewers will generate interest. The on-trend that are ruling this year is the painterly, textured and abstract forms of artistry portraying a strong image.


Interactive Background Videos – Showcasing video against the background on the website pages with new improved technologies like CSS3, HTML 5 and JavaScript makes for an interactive experience.  Web development has taken the realism of video in all aspects such as highlighting company’s strong-point through video tours, product promotions, industry sneak-peeks and what not!


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