Trends of Web Development in 2017

Website is like the face of a brand, business, service provider, or whatever suits the mission and vision of that organisation. A number of companies are working towards making each website look exclusive and suitable mediums for conveying the brand’s essence, so finding your desirable Web Development Company is not much of a task.

What all make these companies best in their field, revolves around some exclusive trends that keep occurring every now and then. So this year’s trends are as per follow:

Increased use of AI


Artificial Intelligence is not a mere mechanical behavior that facilitates human life, it’s rather a feature that websites are using wisely, like chatbots, face recognition, autofill and more.

Internet of Things



With increasing scope of technology, the Internet of Things is taking over the world by storm, where a number of gadgets and appliances are connected with each other.

Trending Javascript


Javascript is widely popular programming language that web developers use nowadays. Looking at its usage of convenience it rapidly spread recently in 2017, which includes being handled from client’s browser, server-side, and even mobile applications.

If your website is under construction, make sure to include all these 2017 trending features in it.


About interactivebees

Interactive Bees is a one-stop shop for 360 degrees marketing solutions that will bridge the gap between your brand’s goals and achievements seamlessly. This brand communication company works tenaciously to become an augmentation of your brand, reflecting your business philosophy, energy, exhilaration, and passion back at your end customers. IBees is a digital marketing agency that personalises the most innovative and practical public relations solutions for your brand. Being an integrated brand communication agency it offers a complete package that includes Media Buying, Business and Brand Management, Website Development, Creative Designing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Business Development.
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