Static Or Dynamic, Which One Will Fulfill Your Website Need

It is globally renowned that a website speaks volumes about a brand. From the quality of its product and services to post sale services. Now coming to a website’s design, other than the web development company, you can also decide whether to proceed with static or dynamic website.

To know which one is better, static or dynamic, you need to have a look at pros and cons of both here, and analyse further:

Why you should have a Static Website-

-flexibility of different layouts, pages and themes.
-quick and pocket-friendly to develop
-hosing it is in budget

Why you should not have a Static Website-
-lower up-front than dynamic website
-not easy to update changes
-never ending costs for upgrading

Why you should have a Dynamic Website-
-easy to upgrade
-information can be gathered in organised way
-allows interface in content management system’s format

Why you should not have a Dynamic Website
-expensive to develop
-hosting costs are equally higher
-way more functional than a static website.

Now you know which one suits your brand, requirement and budget, static and dynamic seems no more confusing now, right? Even if you have any query for that matter, feel free to reach us.

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