6 Tips To Get More Clicks On Your Pay-Per-Click Ads

If you’re a PPC consultant in India experiencing low clicks and conversions on your pay-per-click advertising, your advertising copy might be the reason. The size constraint on PPC ads requires that you use the character space intelligently to attract more clicks. Here are the five tips that can help you get better with PPC ads.


Emphasize the Benefits:
Benefits that target specifically your audience and attracts more clicks, can be used on the ads. Test your ads with different benefits and then choose the ones that get the best clicks and conversions.

Highlight USPs:
Ad copy that highlights the USP of your brand makes the customer want to click the ad and know more about the product or service mentioned, hence landing customers on the website.

Use Striking Ad Titles:
Visitors on your website usually see the ad title first. If your ad title is attractive, it will result in more clicks, whereas a bad title won’t. You might have a great product or service in place, but people won’t know about it if your ad doesn’t grab attention instantly.

Test various ads:
A successful ad requires that you test it with a number of targeting options, ad copies, keywords and titles. The best parts can be assembled together to form an ad for your campaign.

Ad Copy for the Customers:
Most PPC consultants in India make the mistake of writing ad copy about their technical details and product specifications. Your ad copy should be easy enough for your target audience to understand and connect with your brand.

Establish the Relation:
The ad copy for your PPC advertisement should be related to the keyword used and your website landing page. This improves the quality score of your ad, gains more visibility positioning your ad at a top ranking, hence leading to more clicks and conversions.

Now that you know, use these tips wisely and create successful PPC ad campaigns.

Reference By : http://interactivebees.weebly.com/interactive-bees/6-tips-to-get-more-clicks-on-your-pay-per-click-ads


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