The Top 3 Marketing/Entrepreneurial Minds That You Should Definitely Follow

Imagine if you could read the minds of most influential personalities on earth and know for yourself what the future has in-store. Yes, we are not talking science fiction, but merely burning the bridges between you and personalities who make the world go round.

This is one brief list of successful entrepreneurs and marketing minds who will take you through marketing truths and Success Tips and keep you in the loop about the future. See what they are thinking, what are betting on and what they think will the future look like. Follow these magnetic people, learn from them their success mantras, get marketing insights, practical tips on closing the deal and how to negotiate your way through the corporate whirlwind.


Here are the 3 people you should be following hands-down.

Richard Branson

He is one charismatic entrepreneur who is nothing short of a marketing whiz kid himself. A business magnate who became an entrepreneur at a very young age, he became a part of popular forklore after he set-up Virgin Records & there afterwords Virgin Atlantic. His taste for adventure and humanitarian work, has catapulted him among the most prominent figures. The owner of Necker Island, located in the Caribbean, Richard is a popular blogger, and a brilliant personality worth following. He shares brilliant insights about his experiences, his business concepts and his opinions are short, sharp and witty. Follow him to learn from a man who has seen it all first hand and take your own lessons.

Elon Musk

A business magnate, an investor, engineer and inventor and the man who made driving electric cars a status symbol is dreaming of space these days. Other than the many ventures he is pursuing, his penchant for putting money on esoteric fantasies is known to one and all. This is one man who knows what future would look like and is willing to bet on it. The best thing, he is not doing it all for money, some of his recent concepts are solely not-for-profit. Follow him as he walks you through the many inventions and ideas he is working on & be the first to find out what the future would look like.

Michael Porter

An economist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker and teacher, a prodigious strategist, Michael Porter has brought economic theory and strategy concepts to bear on many of the most challenging problems facing corporations, economies and societies in the 21st century. His words are gospel for CEO’s & Presidents and his theories are a textbook classic taught in every business school. The greatest minds of all has a thing or two to teach anyone looking for inspiration. Follow the Harvard’s faculty member and get marketing insights from the world’s finest.

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