4 Reasons You Should Count On Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are proving to be a great tool for marketers. Hence, if you’re a social media optimization company, you must know the trick well enough to advertise your brands on this platform. Here’s a sneak-peek into the four main reasons why you must count on Instagram Stories.

Good for a cheap start:


On Instagram, the official sponsor ads are indeed expensive, but the promotion rules are comparatively relaxed, hence making it easy for small businesses to advertise using stories and permanent posts. Businesses with very little capital money can conveniently use this platform to start their marketing with almost no budget.

Immersive way of promotion:

The recently introduced full-screen ads on Instagram Stories are a great boon for marketers. Companies can now advertise with photos and videos, which makes Instagram a great marketing platform. The ads on Stories have targeting capabilities, that lets you target your product or service to the audience personally.

Establishes great connection:

Approximately 150 million people use Instagram everyday. Most users are connected to some or the other businesses directly and follow them too. This tells us that if businesses create Instagram stories, it can prove to be a great boon for them. Giving insights about the business, office space, or sharing in-house photos and videos, helps in establishing a connection with the audience.

Connects with millennials:

In comparison to Facebook, Instagram has more number of young audiences. Hence, communication and content that is quirky and intelligent in nature, works well for this platform. Instagram stories would humanize your business in a creative way, to establish a deeper connection with your audience.

Small scale businesses are making big-time name by using Instagram Stories. It’s time for you to start posting yours too!


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