5 Social Media Trends That Businesses Need In 2017

Business these days are investing in social media strategies and new tools, developing new plans of action and so on, to gain both profits and acknowledgment. But social media comes with constant turnovers, from which you need to future-proof your strategies. It’s very important for a social media agency to look beyond the usual ways of promotion and open their eyes & ears to the latest trends driving the media industry.

Make your reach with money

The old-fashioned method of reaching the users – building an audience base and sharing your business updates with them – won’t work any more. The social media algorithms limit your posts from reaching even your own established audience. This is because people generally have so many things cluttered up in their news feed, leaving a rare chance for your posts to be seen.

This is when you need to put money into promotional ads, posts and updates, which are actually just like real time posts. This can be a smart investment that business can opt to reach their target audience.

Make your employees your army

For those businesses that wish to reach the audiences without spending much, this social media trend in 2017 would be helpful. You can simply ask your own employees to share the company messages and brand posts from their personal social media accounts. Such messages and posts would be more trusted.

Develop social media skills

Almost all the companies and marketing agencies are using social media as the most important tool. But one thing that most companies lack is tapping the full potential of social media. There’s actually lot more to this media industry, about which people need to know and get trained. So, companies must get into developing a coursework for their employees and enhance their social media skills.

Get your CEOs on social media too

Today, almost everybody is using Facebook. But a report from CEO.com says that around 61% CEOs do not have any social media presence. Social media has become a necessity for businesses as it reflects their ideologies and showcases their work to the people, gaining recognition. Hence, executives must really get serious about getting onto social media.

Customer service and sales on social media

Social media isn’t just a marketing platform; businesses can actually educate people about their products and services – even generate sales. Customer service can also be provided on platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Businesses these days can completely rely on social media, because this platform continues to grow and expand everyday.

Reference By : http://interactivebees.weebly.com/interactive-bees/5-social-media-trends-that-businesses-need-in-2017


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