Dos And Don’ts About Universities’ PPC Advertising

If you manage the marketing of a post-secondary college or institute, or are working on behalf of one as a PPC consultant in India, you must be familiar with the challenges that come across while advertising online.

Here’s a useful insight for you to know about the dos and don’ts of PPC advertising, that would help you progress successfully.


Advertise all the year-round
Most colleges and universities prefer to advertise only when application and admission deadlines come closer. But you must advertise year-round because:
– Students can research at any given time of the year
– To keep your branding and marketing in place, you must keep advertising to keep reminding people of your existence.

Bidding on brand

People generally think that SEO would take care of the marketing part, but bidding on brand lets you exercise control on lading pages and target specific locations.

Using sitelinks wisely

When all your specific degrees and programs are clearly defined, it’s good to use their titles on your sitelinks. Titles like open houses, industry in action, internship opportunities, etc. help students find specifically what they are looking at.

Bid on ‘wrong’ terms

Most college and university students have no clue as to what they’re searching for. They might, for once, know the desired area, but not about the type of degree or course. So, here you can use ‘wrong’ keywords and use them to lead the students in the right direction. You just need to use the keywords creatively, and make sure that your ad isn’t misleading.


Putting buildings in display ads

Your college building might be very architecturally appealing and beautiful, but to get better results, you must feature students in your ads.

Leave focus on the landing pages

For a successful PPC campaign, pre-click and post-click ad components, both are equally important. Therefore, landing pages that are poorly designed, won’t work for the educational vertical. A landing page with many call to actions can often confuse the visitor, whereas one call to action is clear, concise and simple.

Running the same campaign

A campaign message that works for the students or people of one area, might not work for some other. Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep your messages specific and distinct.

Building programs for student application submissions

For any PPC consultantin India, it’s quite beneficial to build a campaign focusing the applications. But without any prior conversation or communication, no student would be interested in filling in your application. So, it’s important to first give them the relevant information and engage them.

For a successful PPC campaign next time, keep these dos and don’ts in mind.


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