5 Creative Ways To Fine Tune Your Social Media Posts

Jump starting your Social Media Campaign in the most creative way is a big deal in today’s digital age. Always keeping updated with latest trends, resonating with the brands perspective, creating visually appealing and an equally attention grabbing post is pertinent to stay on the competitive edge. Here are some of the best practices inculcated by the marketing companies in India in order to build an effective social media presence.

Visual Content – High resolution images are the essence of a well-performing social media posts, as it create a sustained engaging appeal. With easily accessi1ble image sources like Istock, there’s so much to explore. All you need is to draw creatively and give them the ultimate brand essence. The powerful way to promote your goods and service is by incorporating personalization, fun & interactive, inspiring stories, quotes with versatile graphic displays.

Access Hashtags – Whether you’re running contest, celebrating festivals and holding events, hashtags have time and again been indispensable in garnering attention. Build your campaign with relevant keywords an2d track it anytime with easier convenience. There are so many ways you can extract maximum results with appropriate hashtags. For promotional posts, make it generic, brand centric and precise. Instagram allows unlimited usage of hashtags, so you can actually personalize it to a great level and for Facebook and Twitter, keep it to limited few to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Reviews & Testimonials – By making customer testimonial a3nd reviewing you’re retaining valuable feedback and shedding positive impact for your brand. Social Media Marketing companies follow this practice of doing wonders for the brand and acknowledging the customers ticking all the right boxes of engagement. The testimonial and reviews can be enhanced in any content and video format to reach out to the right target audience.

Unique Themes – Try to incorporate some unique post strategy and make sure to follow a theme catering to different channels. Ensure that you balance product promotions, engaging post and add a bit of intriguing element to make your post stand out. Moreover make effective use of blog posts and try to give link it with direct landing pages. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the best platform to unleash your creative potential to fullest.

Live Videos – Live videos have taken the social media world by 4storm and are also the driving force behind a brands success. Fetching the desired followers is easily accessible as video lends the perfect visual appeal, high retention value and is much more connected to audience mindset. The ever emerging Facebook live feature have made possible to gain high tractions. Furthermore, Instagram stories are beautifully captured through creative video portfolio.


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