How Top Fashion Brands Are Leveraging Instagram?

Social media has transformed the facet of the fashion industry, and the very essence of inculcating lead generation is leveraged by brands through connecting themselves with every fiber of fashion. With smart marketing tactics, the brands are building Social Media Optimization by facilitating a solid platform of connecting, engaging and sharing their products, insights and trends.


Instagram picked up the fashion threads and given it a definitive statement for brands to popularizing their offerings in the most comprehensive way. Getting access to followers, displaying products, promoting celebrities to influencers are deeply embedded with Instagram popularity. Here’s an overview of how brands are adopting Instagram features to shine through the online radar.

Impactful Stories – Instagram has redefined fashion to greater heights. There are umpteen innovative ways stories are created, right from product launches to exclusive behind the scene footages. Collaborations between fashion houses and models with intrinsic social media influences are on the rage on Instagram.

Inspiring Videos – Instagram offers creative platform for brands to unveil videos in the 30 second format. Getting glimpse of inspirational runway shows to new label offerings, every forecast of the fashion industry is perfectly captured through videos. It is the undisputed winner when it comes to grabbing viewer’s attention.

Insightful Trends – Influen0cers and fashion bloggers are on the rise on Instagram, as it’s conversational, impactful and engaging to connect with relatable followers. Moreover on the lines of niche marketing, sharing information have become accessible with on-trend tips and fashion scoops scoring high on sense of exclusivity.

In contemporary times, Instagram can be termed as the most inspirational platform. And, the companies are maximizing this opportunity to a large extent by showcasing emerging fashion phenomena in an imaginative way.


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