Essential Checks on Your SEO Company

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SEO is no more the same as it used to be 4 years ago. Search engine optimization has drastically changed over the recent years and as you plan to improve your web presence in the cut throat scenario, it is highly important for your SEO Company to follow certain essential strategies.

Here are some of the top necessities any of the affordable SEO Company in Delhi should take care of if you have hired them.

Optimization with one Keyword or Topic

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing could get the ball rolling. With changing scenario and updated algorithms of search engines, your website still needs to follow and focus on a single topic or keyword. It is important to place these keywords in title, description, heading, image alt text and throughout the page copy. However, they must keep in mind that each of these criteria is adhered to while keeping users in mind and not search engines.

Focus on Keywords and Not ‘Word to Word’

Since the search engines not only rely on exact match but also the co-variety of words, keywords the companies use no longer need to be the exactly the same.

URL Structure needs to be Short

It is important that your URL structure is short and crisp yet descriptive. URL is the very first thing that is used by search engines to crawl your site. So, make sure the company you have hired concentrates on these simple yet significant aspects.

Focus on Natural Links

Google considers natural linking as the main ranking factor. You must make sure that backlinking done by your SEO company is closely monitoring inbound links and they are coming from quality websites.

So, whether the affordable SEO company in Delhi or a social media marketing company in India, you have hired, make sure that you check them some of the basic essentials.


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