Link Building Mistakes Your Affordable SEO Company in Delhi May be Committing

Link building has become an integral part of Search Engine Optimization and using white hat methods to build links to your website is of utmost importance. Whether you are a start up or an existing business owner, owning a website is not all you need to make your presence in the online world. This is where the role of an affordable SEO company in Delhi comes into picture. When it comes to social media marketing company, India is home to a wide variety to select from. However, it is important for you to choose the right company so that the link building strategy implemented for your project is of superior quality. Here are a few mistakes which normally SEO companies commit while building links for various projects they undertake.

High Use of Anchor Text

It is highly important to use anchor text for link building. Use of anchor text should not only be natural but also be optimum. Anchor text should be long phrases to make them more explicable for the users. However, your SEO Company should make sure that anchor text is not over exploited to such an extent that Google starts considering it as spam.

Fetching Links from Single Web Page Repeatedly

Make sure your SEO Company is fetching links from multiple sources. Your website should get links from diverse web pages. Remember that the inbound links can not only make but ruin your website rankings. It is always better to bring links from varied selections.

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High Exchange of Links

Make sure the company is not excessively exchanging links. Exchange of links should only be done on an optimal level so that the links look natural.

The following mistakes may ruin the rankings of your website or may not lead to good rankings if practiced by your SEO experts you have hired. So, make sure that you hire an ideal and skilled SEO company who works delicately for you.


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